However, we believe that our school exists to serve the Armadale and Blackridge communities. We cannot meet the needs of our students unless we work with a range of local, national and international partners. Only by doing this can we plan the necessary experiences for our students and develop in them the knowledge, understanding, skills and qualities they need to succeed in a rapidly changing and competitive world.

This section of our website gives details of our principal partners.  It includes sections on our Parent Council and Armadale Schools Learning Community.   

Education Services Information

Updates, information and consultations relating to West Lothian Education Services

Armadale Schools Learning Community

The Armadale Schools Learning Community is the name given to Armadale Academy and our five associated primary schools

West Lothian College

Information on West Lothian College

Charity Fundraising

Charity events are an inherent part of school life. We are proud of the contribution that the students make to a wide range of charity events. Each year approximately £5000 is distributed to a range of causes.

International Partnerships

Armadale Academy is an outward looking school. We seek to work with a range of schools outwith Scotland and the UK as we believe it helps to enhance the experience of our students and staff.

Parent Parliament

The Parent Parliament plays an important part in the life and work of the school.

School Trips

Each session we aim to offer a range of school trips; local, national and international.

Winter Ready

Winter safety information and guidance.

Free School Meals during holiday periods

Free school meals to children eligible young people will be provided during holiday periods.