Absence from school, whatever the cause disrupts learning and impacts negatively on the life chances of our young people.

Armadale Academy follows West Lothian Council's Attendance Policy which recognises the need for all students to engage fully in their education and promotes attendance through a positive and supportive approach.

Parents/carers should inform the school as soon as possible on the first day of their son/daughter's absence. If possible an estimate of the likely length of the absence should be given. If the school is not contacted then a Group Call will be sent.

Parents/carers will be responsible for providing and updating contact telephone numbers for use by the Group Call system. Parents/carers should respond promptly to contacts from the school. Follow up phone calls will be made if there is no response to Group Call messages.

Please communicate with the Pastoral Support Team at the school if there are any concerns regarding your child's attendance or time keeping or if you are experiencing problems getting them to attend.