Wood House Badge

Wood Head of House: Mrs Lynne Macleod

Teacher of Wellbeing: Mr Ross Gibson

Pupil Support Worker: Miss Lauren Brown

House Colour:  Red

History:  Wood House derives its name from James Wood.  Armadale as we know it was built on the Barbauchlaw estate, James Wood became proprietor, and built a mansion-house on the site.  When he purchased the land he encouraged residential building allowing the Bathville area to expand rapidly. Mr. Wood also presented the burgh with a Public Park, in which he built a magnificent Bandstand, Drinking Fountain, Urinal, Maypole and Swings.  At the opening of the park, the school children were given a gala day, which is celebrated annually.  The Town Council, on behalf of the residents presented Mr Wood with an illuminated address to show their appreciation.

(Taken from History of Armadale Association webpage)