Armadale Academy's curriculum includes all the experiences which are planned for our students. It builds upon the primary school programme and recognises that our students learn through all their experiences, both within and outwith school. Therefore, we recognise and aim to complement the contributions that parent/carers and community partners can make. 

Our aim is to create opportunities to ensure that our students develop the attributes, knowledge and skills they need to achieve and succeed in life, learning and work. This is encapsulated in the four capacities of Curriculum for Excellence, to enable each student in Armadale Academy to be

  • A Successful Learner
  • A Confident Individual
  • A Responsible Citizen
  • An Effective Contributor

School Closure Information and Online Resources

School Closure information including student online resources, technical help & advice has been moved and can now be found at the following link

Curricular Overview

Curriculum for Excellence, CfE, aims to achieve a transformation in education in Scotland by providing a coherent, more flexible and enriched curriculum from 3 to 18.

Expressive Arts

Expressive Arts play an important role in enhancing our personal, social and cultural identity.

Health and Wellbeing

The Health and Wellbeing of our students is the responsibility of all staff.

Interdisciplinary Learning

Interdisciplinary learning (IDL) is an important part of our curriculum


Languages and literacy are of personal, social and economic importance.

Library and Careers Adviser

The Library is a central resource within the school, supporting learning and teaching and encouraging pupils to develop into lifelong learners.


Mathematics is important in our everyday lives. It allows students to make sense of the world around them and to manage their lives.

Personal Achievement Opportunities

Armadale Academy has a wide range of opportunities for students to achieve both within and outwith the traditional classroom setting or school day.

Religious and Moral Education

Religious and Moral Education enables students to explore the world's major religions and views which are independent of of religious beliefs If any parent/carer wishes to withdraw their child from RME and Religious Observance in the school, they should contact Mr Speedie, DHT in the first instance.


Science and its applications play an important part in our everyday lives at work, at leisure and in the home. Scotland has a proud heritage in this area and science remains central to our economic future and to our health and wellbeing as individuals and as a society.

Scottish National Standardised Assessments

The SNSA is the Scottish National Standardised Assessments. These are new National assessments introduced by the Scottish Government that all of our S3s will sit in October/November each year.

Skills for Life, Learning and Work

Skills for learning, life and work are embedded in and developed across all curricular areas.

Social Studies

Social Studies allows students to develop their understanding of the world by learning about other people and their values, in different places, times and circumstances.


Technologies relates particularly to contexts that provide scope for developing skills, knowledge, understanding and attributes through creative, practical and work-related activities.

West Lothian Campus

As part of the West Lothian Campus provision, Armadale Academy works in partnership with all West Lothian Secondary Schools and West Lothian College to extend the provision of Higher, Advanced Higher and Vocational Courses which we offer our students.