Our aim is that every student is safe, happy, achieving, nurtured, active, respected, responsible and included. Throughout their learning journey, every student will remain at the centre, actively planning and reflecting on their next steps at every stage in order to reach their learning targets and make progress. We work to enable all of our students to develop and learn the appropriate skills for life, learning and work for their move into a positive and sustained destination.

There are three Houses:

  • Cochran
  • Honeyman
  • Wood

Each House comprises of S1-3 Mentors, Senior Phase Registration Teachers, Development Post Holders and a Head of House. 

If you have any concerns, the first point of contact with the school would be with the  relevant member of the Student Support team.

Winter Ready for Students

Work for students in the event of 'Snow Days' can be accessed from here Family Learning

Cochran House

Image representing Cochran House
Information about Cochran House.

Honeyman House

Image representing Honeyman House
Information about Honeyman House

Wood House

Image representing Wood House
Information about Wood House

Respect for All

Details of The Scottish Government's 'Respect for All' document can be found in the attachment below.

West Lothian Council Anti Bullying Policy

Details of West Lothian Council's Anti Bullying Policy which is followed by all West Lothian Schools can be found in the attachment below.

Child Protection

West Lothian Council has issued Child Protection Procedures and Guidance which all staff must follow to promote the welfare of children and to protect them from harm.

Additional Support Needs

Additional Needs arise when a student is unable to benefit from school without help that is beyond that normally given to a student of the same age.


Attendance at Armadale Academy by our students is essential in order that they receive the education to which they are entitled.

Positive Destinations

All students are entitled to experience opportunities to move into a positive and sustained destination beyond school.