Equalities at Armadale Academy

At Armadale Academy we pride ourselves on creating a welcoming and inclusive environment where the rights and views of both our young people and staff are respected.

Rights Respecting School -Article 1 (Definition of the Child)

In order to work towards becoming a Rights Respecting School Armadale has focussed on educating our learners on what their Rights are, and how they can be relevant in their daily lives. The Rights of the Child are embedded throughout the curriculum and their importance are highlighted day in day out at the Academy. Moreover, learners can express their Rights through Pupil Councils and Equalities working groups to ensure Pupil Voice is heard and is an agent of change in our school.

The Convention makes it clear that every child has rights, whatever their ethnicity, gender, religion, language, abilities or any other status.  Rights are universal and unconditional.  The Convention should be seen as a whole: all the rights are linked and no right is more important that another.  Rights are inherent, indivisible and inalienable - they are not conditional on children behaving, all children are entitled to all their rights at all times.

What are we doing to ensure this?

  • Equalities Working Group combining staff and learners to highlight the UNCRC
  • Leadership opportunities provided at all ages and stages of a school career
  • Pupil voice is embedded in learning and teaching and improvement planning within every faculty
  • Wood Student Support Team focuses fully on Equalities at Armadale Academy
  • Consultation on our Charter of Rights to take place between pupils, staff and parents

Please find the Link to our Rights Questionnaire below:


LGBTQ+ -Article 13 (Freedom of Expression)

At Armadale Academy we are aiming to achieve our LGBT Youth Scotland Award to recognise all of our learners at Armadale Academy. It is our aim that all learners feel supported throughout their school career and they are able to reach their full potential while fully expressing and being themselves throughout this time. The staff at Armadale Academy are trained in providing an inclusive environment for all and every learner is celebrated and supported by our school community.

What are we doing to ensure this?

  • Equalities Working Group with a focus on LGBTQ+ Rights
  • LGBTQ+ events are celebrated at Armadale Academy
  • Armadale Academy staff are Youth Scotland trained in ensuring LGBTQ+ learners needs are catered to
  • LGBTQ+ resources and referrals are available for students from Student Support Teams
  • Visibility and celebration of LGBTQ+ community clear in our school

(Article 14 - Protection from Discrimination)

Armadale Academy ensures a safe environment for all students and prides itself on its recognition and inclusion of LGBT students in the curriculum and in the community. In September 2021 Scotland became the first country in the world to embed LGBT education in the curriculum. This is the mandatory learning of lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender education. Subsequently, all staff will be given awareness learning training on LGBT education in order to support all young people in our school community. Promotion of LGBT awareness ensures Article 14 of the UNCRC is adhered to by protecting them from discrimination.

Please find the link to LGBT Education for Parents and Carers below:

ยท         https://www.gov.scot/news/milestone-for-equality-in-schools/

Please click on the link for LGBT Inclusive Education Information for Parents and Carers. Thank you.   LGBT Inclusive Education Information for Parents and Carers (PDF) [297KB] (opens new window)

Student Empowerment

The ability for students to develop their leadership skills and to be empowered in is evident in subjects like My Skills My World, through opportunities for personal achievement available to students such as Duke of Edinburgh's Award and various Outdoor Learning opportunities as well as courses such as Personal Development and Leadership available in the Senior Phase.

In addition, all teaching staff need to hear the 'student voice' to fulfil our school aims and mission statement.  This voice is heard regularly in the classroom and is a feature of excellent learning and teaching.  Students and teachers regularly feedback to each other regarding progress with learning.  Teachers take account of this in planning future learning experiences.

Student Voice for School Improvement

Across the school students have representative groups at year group, interest group, subject and Sixth Year (Captain) level.  Students on these groups are representatives of their peers.  Each group discuss a range of issues important to students and staff and strive to make improvements for the benefit of individuals, groups and all students as appropriate. 

These groups all then come together to form a Student Parliament which meets with the Head teacher and Depute Heads at least four times a year. Whole school issues for school improvement are discussed and actioned here.

Our Student Empowerment Structure is below:

Armadale Academy Student Empowerment Structure

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