Our charity work helps our pupils to:

  • Develop an awareness of the need in the local, national and international settings
  • Respond to identified needs both as individuals and as groups
  • Support and organise a range of events that generates funds for  designated causes
  • Develop a sense of community

 A number of charity events are built into the school calendar including the 24 hour event, Pink Day (for Breast Cancer) and work with West Lothian Foodbank. We have also sponsored two children since 2004 through an organisation called Plan UK. Our donations have made a significant difference to the lives of the two children and their communities by helping to provide food, clean water, medicine and education.

Each month there is a Dress Down Day which usually falls on the last Friday of the month.  The School Calendar will confirm the exact days. The S6 Student Leadership Team consulted with register classes to allocate funds to various charities this year. Two thirds of money collected goes to the identified charity and one third raised goes into the School Fund. This fund benefits all our students.