Dress Code

Armadale Academy has a school uniform and expects all students to comply. The school's dress code is based on West Lothian Council Dress Code for Schools Policy:

The following dress code is expected.                                                                                

  • Black skirt or trousers (not leggings/jeans)                                                   
  • Plain white or black shirt                                                                              
  • School tie                                                                                                      
  • Black blazer                                                                                                             
  • Plain black shoes/plain black trainers                                                         
  • Plain black jumper or cardigan if desired                                                      

The above items of clothing are the acceptable minimum in dress code.

All students are expected to bring a school bag.

Students should also note that hooded tops, hats or caps, scarves, jeans, leggings, jogging bottoms or training shoes with visible logos or white soles should not be worn in school.

Please note that the Dress Code will be rigorously enforced and students not in Dress Code may be sent home, after contact with parents, to change.


PE Kit

Indoor Kit:

  • Plain T-shirt
  • Shorts/tracksuit, jogging bottoms, or sports leggings
  • Sports socks/gym/training shoes (not school shoes)
  • No football tops, vest tops or crop tops

Outdoor Kit:   

Kit should be appropriate for the outdoor activity in which students are taking part.The kit needed for most outdoor activities includes:

  • A suitable long sleeved jersey
  • Shorts/tracksuit bottoms
  • Long sports socks and boots with studs, training shoes are not appropriate for wet grass pitches. Training shoes or boots with moulded studs are suitable for the 3G pitch.
  • No football tops

Appropriate kit may vary due to weather conditions, in cold weather for example, extra jerseys or tracksuit trousers may be worn with the class teacher's permission.


  • Swimming costume or trunks
  • Towel
  • In addition, students are permitted to wear t-shirts and shorts over costumes.

PE kit should be brought to every lesson; this includes students who are unable to take part practically due to injury or illness. This will allow them to be actively involved in learning through adopting a different role such as coach or referee. Students are not required to bring a note if they are unable to take part practically and should make their teacher aware at the outset of the lesson. However, for long term medical conditions a note will be required. If kit is not brought to school, the department will provide clean kit in order that students may take part.